#npbx how to

0. Meet a friend/chat with somebody on twitter an decide: I want to have an “after work beer” with likeminded people

1. Pick a date (this could be around another event related to netactivism, if indifferent apply the old hacker rule: pick tuesday)

2. Pick a location (for around 10 – 20 people)

3. Create a doodle to announce the #npbx with

  • description (you can link to this page for explanations)
  • location info, address and link
  • questions: I’ll be there / I’ll be there later / I can’t come but would have liked to / I already attended in the past

4. Announce it on Twitter/your blog/… (if you like, use the hashtag #npbx (x=cityshortcut)) Additionally you can use the hashtag #npbx, so we hear about your NetPoliticsBeer event.

5. Invite people personally (mention, DM, mail, smoke signs, …) so they hear about it for sure and tell them to tell their contacts who could be interested in netactivism.

This is how we do it. If you have suggestions for improvements or want a #npbx near you, we are happy to hear about them in the comments.


4 Responses to #npbx how to

  1. opalkatze says:

    Ah, jetzt hab ich es sogar begriffen ,) Ich mach das mal im frühen Sommer, das hier ist nämlich eine verlockende Ausflugsgegend. Clever, wa?

  2. fasel says:

    6. if you pick a date, take into account if there are plenary sessions during that time

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