npbsof 1.0: Net politics meetup in Sofia – 18/4/2016 from 19:00 @ Bar Barastra

#npbsof: Net politics meetup in Sofia – – 18/4/2016 from 19:00 @ Bar Barastra

We are celebrating the visit of EDRi to Sofia and the kick-off of the Webit Festival Europe – if you are interested in freedom of expression, access to knowledge, privacy  and digital policy in general, join us for a net politics beer meet-up:

18 April
from 19:00 onwards
Bar Barastra
Rusalka 4, Oborishte, Sofia [location info]

Possible topics are the next steps for net neutrality in Bulgaria and Europe, the future of copyright and how data retention laws are being maintained or newly introduced.

You can also follow #npbsof on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with the concept yet: A ‘Net Politics Beer’ is an informal meet-up of people involved or interested in the different fields of internet politics and digital rights activism.

Our topics are usually surveillance, copyright, privacy and the current data protection reform, open data, net neutrality…. If you wish to receive information on upcoming meet-ups via email, please contact kirst3n(at)riseup(dot)net.

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